Complaint decisions - help

Serious complaints against real estate agents are considered by a Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC). You can search for CAC decisions that we have been directed to publish in this section. Some Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal decisions are also published here. To view all decisions by the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal go to their website.

CAC's may decide to publish their decisions (section 78(h)).  This is done to ensure the disciplinary process remains transparent, independent and effective, and is useful for standard setting.

We publish CAC decisions after the period for filing an appeal has ended. The period for filing an appeal is 20 working days from the date of the decision. If an application for name suppression or non-publication of a decision is made to the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal, the decision will not be published until the Tribunal has made a decision on this.

You can browse or search this section in a variety of ways:

  • Use the Misconduct, Unsatisfactory Conduct or No Further Action links to see latest decisions by outcome.
  • Use the Search For box to do a word search.  You can search by any word or series of words you want to.  The easiest way to find a decision for a specific agent is to enter their name.
    • Searching by name:   If you are searching for an agent by name make sure that the “a name” box is selected.  This makes sure that only decisions about agents that match all or part of that name are shown.
    • Searching by anything else:   If you are searching for anything else e.g. by complaint number, an agent’s license number, type of complaint, region etc. make sure that the “everything else” box is selected.  This makes sure that the full texts of the decision documents are searched for any matches.
    • The Search For box is designed to return decisions that match any of your search terms.  To search for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotes.  For more precise searches, use Advanced Search.
  • Use the Advanced Search to filter all decisions or results of a word search by complaint and decision features.  Advanced Search is designed to limit results to only those that match all of the search filters selected.  Filter options are limited to those that will give results within the existing result set.  Closing the Advanced Search will clear all filters.
  • Use the Application of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 and the Application of the Code of Conduct (left hand navigation box) to see how these have been interpreted in decisions.

Search results link to an Abstract of each complaint and the related decision. This summarizes the decision using standardized terminology and provides links to related material including licensee registry entries, relevant sections of the Act and Code and full texts of any decision or penalty documents.

Please note, the ‘Complaint Type’ categories noted in the abstracts were decided from the information given by the complainant when they first made a complaint to us.